Italy and Assocastelli

Italy and Assocastelli - ASSOCASTELLI

Italy is the country with the most important architectural and historical heritage of the world. Much of this heritage is represented by its historic buildings (castles, palaces and villas). Assocastelli's association of 350 of the most important owners of Italian mansions and historic homes. Italy is a country fairytale, come and live your in one of our homes. Promoted by Aspesi National Association of Societies of Promotion and Development Real Estate Assocastelli today is the most modern tool for the enhancement of the architectural heritage and Real Italian historian. Besides Assocastelli (coordination and institutional relations) the group includes ( platform for the management of hospitality and events in the mansions and historic homes, Matrimonio Reale for management and fairytale weddings, Sovrana Viaggi the tour operator that manages the supply of Assocastelli-Mycastle in China. Leading the activities Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, a descendant of the Royal House of Italy, and Ivan Drogo Inglese. Assocastelli is present in Singapore with its own delegation led by Deputy Filippo Olivi di Briana.

  • 26/09/2017
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